Decoration(ORG) was founded in 2012 at Kunshan City. In 2019, ORG moved to Nantong City and established Nantong Orange Decoration Film.,Ltd. In 2020, ORG new plant in Viet Nam was established. 

ORG is specialized in the design, development and production of PVC plastic floor tile covering design.网投平台 products are mainly used in all kinds of commercial and residential PVC floors. 网投平台’s professionals can restore the original shape of natural materials, such as wood and stone and add in different design styles to meet market needs.

At present, 网投平台 has designed and developed over 1,200 styles of different patterns with as many as 15,000 colors. Each style has a pattern with independent intellectual property right and is available for different customers. In addition, 网投平台 can provide exclusive design needed by customers. 网投平台 not only can provide excellent customers service, but also has state-of-the-art technology and outstanding product quality assurance and ensure to provide customers with design confidentiality and uniqueness.


With the increasingly fierce global competition, every user’s requirements to products become higher and higher.We must continue to seek for self-breakthrough to meet customer demands, realize and exceed their expectations. Each employee of ORG should continue to strengthen his/her working skills through continuous learning and training after being enrolled in the factory and recognize that product quality is the important core of enterprise development and survival.

Perfect quality pursuit has been melted into our corporate culture. Valuing quality is rooted in every employee, every operation and every process. We check and control products with the strictest quality control standard, so as to ensure each product has stable quality and is in line with different international standards.


  • ORG production printing equipment is the most advanced high-speed press in China. ORG is equipped with Japan’s latest register systemand German printing rectification system and adopts imported inksand raw material at the same time,providing reliable guarantee and traceability in equipment stability and product quality consistency.

  • Meanwhile, ORG technical team members all have more than ten years of industry experience and have accumulated abundant working skills, so that 网投平台 can effectively meet domestic and foreign customer demands in printing quality control and new product matching color development, which is also the technology strength that ORG is proud of.


In addition to an independent design and development team, ORG also joins hands with domestic and international top designers; learns about market trends and transforms its infinite possible ideas and thoughts into patterns and beautiful colors and walks in the forefront of the industry through constant market marketing and survey.

Besides, 网投平台 can do engraving, which ensures confidentiality for customers’ exclusive designs.


We reserve pieces of decor samples every batch. The production run compares not only standard samples signed by clients, but also history shipment decors,especially, the last delivery films, in order to guarantee their traceability and consistency.Under orderly management of film rolls, we spend 1day only to send out samples for you.


ORG displays latest designs in its show room so that customers can see the whole pattern and all color matchings of each design.